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Takaful Almamlaka

A distinguished and pioneering company in the field of medical and health care services for public and private organizations, unions, cooperatives, charities and individuals in all segments of society (citizen, resident, visitor) Takaful almamlaka Medical Services Company seeks to provide security and provide the best and highest levels of services to the members of these bodies (from public and private companies, unions, cooperatives, charity and others ..) and their families. In accordance with international standards, relying on a dedicated staff that strives to provide the best services to its customers.

Our Mission

Providing excellent health care at the best prices and within the reach of the largest sector of the health service seekers through partnership with a group of the best service providers from the medical bodies to achieve the maximum health, service and material return for those seeking health service and medical care.  

Our goal

  To become the first and best partner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for people who wish to obtain excellent health care and success by all standards, in addition to building strong working relationships between specialists and workers to stimulate the opportunities for economic and economic growth

Why Takaful Almamlaka card selected

Takaful Almamlaka is committed to making immediate and long-term health services available and affordable by providing discount while maintaining high quality and helping clients meet their health care needs. Takaful Almamlaka Card will be a bridge of interest and care for you and family members. Our clients will benefit from the highest levels of affordable medical and healthcare services

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